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Exscudo, a new company that’s aiming to build a bridge between traditional financial systems and cryptocurrency markets, is set to launch an initial crowdfunding offer.

Founded in 2016, Exscudo is attempting to build a single gateway to the cryptocurrency market by offering a range of services currently provided by different providers in the one location. Those services include a cryptocurrency-powered stock exchange, merchant services, trading terminals, payment cards and mobile applications all bundled with base services such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets and exchange services.

The product, pitched at everyday users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions, is aimed at allowing investors to invest the cryptocurrency markets legally while at the same time increasing its liquidity with a range of merchant services for both e-commerce and physical stores to accept cryptopayments. For traders, Exscudo is building professional desktop and mobile terminals which will “deliver the ultimate trading experience and a birds eye view of all market data.”

If all those products and services are not enough, Escudo is also building its own in-house blockchain-based network called EON to power the system that will also support EON coins. Those coins will be used to allow transactions on their network as well as facilitating funding in the crowdfunding offer.

“Cryptocurrencies are changing the world right now,” Exscudo Chief Executive Officer Andrew Zimine said in a statement. “Crypto solves the problems of trust and security. And Exscudo solves the problems of accessibility, transparency and sustainability of the financial market.”

It’s an interesting take on the cryptocurrency market. The biggest concern, at least at first glance, is that the company promises such a wide range of products that delivering them all would seem to be a fairly serious challenge. Zimine has a background as a developer of exchange systems, security and enterprise resource planning systems while co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Alex Sitnikov has a background in the development of trading terminals and has also worked as a system architect for IBM Corp.

Exscudo’s offer will open on April 25, with pre-orders available now. The company said it will launch its first product, a mobile wallet and secure messaging tool called The Exscudo Channels app, later this quarter.

Image: Exscudo

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