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UPDATE! As of June 15, 2023, I’ve rotated back to the free world. My Substack is on temporary hiatus until Q4 2023, but most of my creative output can be seen on The Merge TV, a biz/tech/finance network where I serve as Executive Producer.

#FreeRizzn: On August of 2022, I was sentenced to 15 months in federal incarceration for using Bitcoin in a P2P manner (aviolation of 18 USC 1960). Learn more about it here in my FAQ.

  • I was transferred from FPC Beaumont to RRC Dallas as of March 3rd of this year.
  • As of June 15th, I’ve rotated back to the free world. Wanna interview me about it? Email me (see some of those interviews here).
  • Email me: for those requests.

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