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This image for sale as a digital collectible.

#FreeRizzn: As of August 2022, I’ve recently been sentenced to 15 months in federal incarceration for selling Bitcoin without a federal license (violation of 18 USC 1960). Learn more about it here in my FAQ. Below are case related links.

  • I’ve been transferred from FPC Beaumont to RRC Dallas as of March 3rd of this year. As such, I have a limited ability to now interface with the press. Email me for media requests.
  • Email me: adbmedia@rizzn.com for those requests.

Official Social Links

  • Instagram – I post infrequently here. Slowly resuming posting here.
  • Twitter – I should be able to continue to post here over the next while.
  • LinkedIn – I should be re-surfacing here soon.

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