Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 2

Breaking News:

At the time of recording this video, Bitcoin had just broken $10,000. Since then, Bitcoin continues to climb in value to $15,000. Doctor Bitcoin makes the prediction that the popular cryptocurrency will break $18,000 by mid-2018. On top of that, mainstream media will begin to adopt more topics about cryptocurrencies, with Wall Street leading the way with Futures Trading.

What’s that?

Doctor Bitcoin breaks down the meaning of Turing Complete and how it relates to Blockchain Technology. Turing Complete is the computational level of blockchain that is able to complete calculations and evaluations on the state of data. Ethereum, Stratis, and NEO are among the few Turing-complete blockchains out there.

How to:

In the last episode, we walked through creating a cryptocurrency wallet with Green Wallet. This week, we teach how to purchase bitcoin, one of our most frequently asked questions. The amount you decide to purchase will determine the best method. Doctor Bitcoin shares a few of his favorite sites for trading cryptocurrency in small and large amounts.

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