Bitcoin Wallets and the Golem Project. [ADB s1e1]

The newest series from Doctor Bitcoin is dedicated to demystifying the world of cryptocurrency.

Today’s what is that?

We delve a little into the basics of blockchain technology and how it can improve business relations. Blockchain allows counterparties to remove trust from the equation and lowers the possibility of fraud.

Today’s how to:

Mark does a walkthrough for setting up a cryptocurrency wallet. Before getting into bitcoin trading, you need to have a place to store your money. A digital wallet houses both private and public keys that are used to trade digital currency from one place to another, or even between wallets.

Today’s project profile:

There are a lot of interesting projects out in the crypto world, and one that’s caught our eye is the Golem Project. At the time of its launch, Golem set the pace for what a successful ICO fund could raise. Since then, Golem has expanded from ICO to creating a cloud-like computing network that breaks an assignment up over several computers to increase the rate of computation.

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