Ask Doctor Bitcoin: A Quick Crypto FAQ.

For those who don’t know, I’m a cryptocurrency fan. I’ve been following all of this very closely since 2011, and I enjoy learning more technical details around blockchain as well as theorizing and architecting new solutions utilizing blockchain.

I also sell cryptocurrency through my company, Roger Wilco.

I have this conversation. A lot.

As such, this week perhaps more than most others, I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions due to the volatility in the markets. Rather than constantly repeat myself, I figured I’d answer all the questions here and legitimately try to save some time.

  1. Do you sell <insert cryptocurrency name here>?
    Yes. I denominate all sales in Bitcoin, but as long as you have a wallet set up, I can usually find a way to send you your value in the cryptocurrency you want.
  2. Holy cow. <insert cryptocurrency name> is up/down.
  3. Are you concerned/excited?
    Sorta. I don’t really watch the minute-by-minute charts.
  4. But it’s really down/up! You sure you still are pro-<insert cryptocurrency name>?
    Yes. Still.
  5. It’s been some time since you posted this. Are you still pro-cryptocurrency? Like for reaslies?
    Yes. Super-dooper for realsies.
  6. Should I buy/sell? How much?
    If you’re asking if you should buy crypto in general, the answer is yes. If you want my recommendations on which ones you should go with, I can give you my answer, which will be based off my opinions around the underlying team and technology, not what I believe the value ought to be. If you’re asking how much you should put in, I’ll always tell you to dollar cost average exactly what you can afford to.
  7. Dollar cost average?
    Yes. It’s the only reliable way to increase your net value.
  8. But what do you think the price of <insert cryptocurrency here> will be?
    I’m Doctor Bitcoin, not Wizard Bitcoin. Not sure.

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