Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 8

This week, Doctor Bitcoin details how to recover a lost bitcoin wallet and discusses the crypto project RaiBlocks XRB.

How to:

Most experienced cryptonerds will be able to find recoverable currency information for a ten percent finder’s fee—but before you run to the nearest bitcoin dealer, Mark’s recovery triage may save you the trip.

Recovery Triage

  1. If the cryptocurrency was purchased on websites, exchanges or web wallets that no longer exist, your information may be extremely difficult to find and claim.
  2. If your web wallet still exists and you have the private keys to your wallet, you may be able to recover your information by using the 12–24 word passphrase you created when setting up your wallet. Ask Doctor Bitcoin episode 1 may help you remember the setup process you followed.
  3. If your web wallet exists and you do not have the private keys to your wallet, you will need to contact the technical support for the web wallet.
  4. If you purchased and kept your cryptocurrency on your PC, look for a wallet.dat file. If the hard drive has not been altered, damaged, or wiped, the file should still exist on the hard drive and should contain all of your private keys. Once you install the latest version of your wallet, you will be able to access all of your cryptocurrency.

Project Profile

Project RaiBlocks XRB is a form of cryptocurrency that is rising in value and may solve the scaling issues associated with bitcoin. RaiBlocks performs at 7,000+ transactions per second. RaiBlocks is a trustless low-latency cryptocurrency using a block lattice structure. Each wallet is a blockchain unto itself. You can authorize record-keeping to another node. XRB funds are widely distributed and accepted worldwide. RaiBlocks XRB may have untested vulnerabilities, but its potential is promising and its structure may permanently end the scaling problem.

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